Q1 How does "Mood" color-change work?
"Mood" ornaments are said to reveal one's inner emotions and this is because the color of ornaments will change by one's own body temperature. It is also believed that the body temperature is influenced by one's emotions, and that is how the "mood" ornaments can tell people emotions. The truth is, the material of "mood" is sensitive to the surrounding temperature (either body temperature or room temperature) and will change its color every 2C.
Q2 How many colors does a "Mood" ornament have?
There is only one secret behind the mood ornaments - the material can change into 7 different colors. They are, Black - Brown - Amber - Green - Blue Green - Blue - Dark Blue. All mood ornaments should show this color change sequence. Therefore jumping the color changing order is not possible. A good "Mood" ornament will go through the color changing sequence twice. However, at the second cycle, "black" and "brown" is usually invisible. Therefore, when you see "7 color mood ornaments", "12 color mood ornaments", "14 color mood ornaments" or any other number of colors the mood ornaments will show, are the same.
Q3 What is the temperature range that the mood color changes?
General speaking, "mood" ornaments will change color between 16C to 34C. When it is below 16C, the color will be black; when it is above 34C, the color will stay in blue. The range of 16C to 34C allows people to see the magic effect in most circumstances as our body and room temperature are generally within this range.
Q4 Is the material of Mood ornament toxic?
The material of Mood ornament is not toxic and does not cause any allergy effects. However, the metal base could contain elements of harmful materials (lead & nickel), which may cause skin irritations. WE PROVIDE LEAD & NICKEL FREE PRODUCTS UPON REQUEST.
Q5 How to look after the Mood ornaments?
Mood ornaments can last for at least one year if they are kept in good condition. The material and the protection layer are not water-resistance, therefore it is recommended to avoid mood ornaments contact with water frequently, and store them in a dry place.
Q6 What is a "bad" mood product?
If your mood ornament shows dull color most of time except when it is in blue; or the edge of your mood ornament is black (it changes color only in the middle), it is likely that your mood ornament is "dying" and will lose the effect soon. A good mood ornament should show all 7 color clearly and the color should be bright and pleasant.
Q7 Do I get an instruction sheet of how the mood ornament changes color when I purchase your product?
Yes, we will provide the instruction sheet for every piece of mood ornaments that we sell. The instruction sheet are available in English, French, Spanish and German. We are able to print your own language with a surcharge.
Q8 What kind of Mood ornaments do you have?
While most of mood ornaments are made into fun items such as fashion accessories, mood ornaments also make good souvenir items such as rings and key rings, and can be used for promotional purposes by adding company logos. Our main mood category includes rings, toe rings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, anklets, phone straps, key rings, bookmarks.
Q9 What is "Shell Magic"?
Shell Magic is a range of color-changing products that is based on natural river shell. The shell is coated with UV material and will change its color under sunlight. This range of products is often combined with Mood effect and glow-in-the-dark, which makes the products interesting and unique in the market!
Q10 Why should I buy from you?
Philcha has been in Mood business for over 29 years. Through experience, we have earned high recognition within this industry. Today, we are proud to provide the best quality mood ornaments in the widest selection. Our strong R & D team develops new designs and new product concepts every two months. Our 100% owned factory is also specialized in tailor-making customer¡¦s own design. Most of all, we are always humble to learn from our partners and clients, as we believe the continuous improvement in what we do and extending our clients competitive edge will bring win-win to our clients and us.
Q11 Where is your office and factory? Who do I deal with?
Our business is established in Taiwan, therefore our sales headquarter is located in Taipei, Taiwan. We also have a small production line in Taipei but our main factory is located in Xiamen, China. All inquiries will be assisted by our Sales team in Taipei office.
Q12 How do I request catalogues and samples?
Due to thousands of items available, please write to us and let us know 1). your business nature and main carrying products, and 2). the items from our website that you are interested in. According to your information, our sales team will provide you more relevant information and discuss your business needs with you. We are able to provide the samples of your interested items. Due to great number of inquiries each day, our samples are only delivered on receiver's expense.
Q13 How long does it require to make the OEM mock-up samples?
It depends on your design and material involved; generally it will take from 10 working days.
Q14 What is your minimum order quantity?
Each item has a different minimum order quantity according to their production efficiency. We will provide you the information according to your preferred items. In general, we require the order value of US$4800 or more per shipment (with the combination of products).
Q15 What is your sales terms?
Our general sales terms are as below: a). Price term: for orders over US$4800.00 with assorted items = FOB Xiamen, China for trial orders, test orders or sample orders under US$4800.00 with assorted items = EXW factory Xiamen b). Delivery: Approx. 4 weeks upon order confirmed. c). Payment term: by t.t. - 50% deposit to confirm order & 50% shipment in advance.